Mouse Leak Feeder

$12.95 $24.95


Color: Light Red, White

Material: Plastic

Target Audience: Cat

Size: 5x7cm/1.96x2.75"

Toys Type: Balls

Number of Bowls:1


1. The artificial mouse shape pet feeder can easily draw the attention of your cat or dog and attract them to play it

2. Inside the pet feeder can storage the cat or dog food, which can better attract your pet

3. Once your pet plays and rolls the pet feeder, the food inside is leaked through the small cute shape holes

4. The roly-poly shape toy will give little food, which can avoid your pet eat too much food at the same time and thus avoid her/him choking and help digest

5. The automatic leakage design can add more fun when your dog/cat is eating

6. As a training educational toy, this food feeder can immediately reward your pet once they roll it in the right way

7. Made of high-quality plastic, this pet feeder is nontoxic and safe to store your kitten's food