Tower Of Tracks

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We all love our furry family members! That's why it is important to show them your adoration by providing cats with fun and exciting toys to play with. The Tower of Tracks does just that! This amazing little toy will keep your kitty entertained for hours!

The toy is made from tough & durable propene polymer, which is an earth-friendly material. It's also safe for your cat to play with. No matter how much scratching your cat does, they won't damage the toy! Your kitty cat will LOVE the bright color of the tower.

The tower features three levels and 4 differently colored balls plus a ball with a light, a bell and catnip. The balls can't fall out of the tower! This keeps your cat entertained for hours. The tower is perfect for cats of all ages.


  • Material: propene polymer
  • Colors: White, Pink and Blue
  • Dimensions: 25x18 centimeters